Modern Rural Cooking ZEN HOUSE

The restaurant at Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

We designed the interior within our limitation to utilize the existing floor and ceiling.

Equipped with a large monolithic standing bar counter and compact retail shelves of carefully selected products from throughout Japan, it is a fine and modern Japanese dining space mainly composed of plaster, oak, marble stone, and brass to embody the concept “Modern Rural Cooking”.

The furniture and disproportionally large table lamps are uniquely crafted, and the 5m-long art work “Human” by a Japanese calligrapher artist Ms Kanwu Ishizaki is symbolically placed on the spotless, white plaster wall.

Photo credit :©️2020Takuya Watanabe Photography
◎Interior design
FFE design & coordination Space design

Modern Rural Cooking ZEN HOUSE

Client Positive dream persons Inc.
Open 2020.3.1
Place Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo B1F, 5-11−1 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Style Restaurant