Concept Planning

We formulate a grand design as an important basis for branding, by researching and analyzing information necessary for concept planning.

Various research Marketing consulting Property development business plan planning support
Strategy Planning

We formulate a strategy based on the planned concept for solving problems and for making your business successful, set a schedule for it, and materialize and verify feasibility of winning business and profitability.

Basic brand concept planning project schedule creation various designs concept planning content planning business balance calculation
Interior Design

We realize the interior based on a consistent concept, by valuing the design which is highly sensitive to the trends of the times or styles and is focused on functionality, as well as by thinking much of work efficiency.

Interior Total Design Basic Design Implementation Design Design Supervision FFE Planning
Display & Furniture

The impression and value of the space depends on the display & furniture design.
We further upgrade space value by the quality ranging from selection, layout to lighting coordination.

Display Planning Furniture Selection Original Furniture Production オリジナルファニチャー製作 Lighting Design Production & Sales of Decoration
Graphic Design

We promote awareness, enlightenment and empathy for the brand among end-users as well as people involved in business, by expressing the concept and attractiveness of the brand in a clear and easily understandable way and in a form with style.

Naming development logo design menu book design tool design package design
Operations Consulting

We develop and support “attractive” operations to make the strategy based on the concept successful, together with designers, for concrete issues relating to field operations.

Schedule Plan Menu Plan Menu · Product Development Operation Building Human Resource Recruitment Dishware · Glass · Uniform Proposal Training Support
Omni-channel Development

We create channel development design including fusion between real stores and websites (click-and-mortar) where the customers contact products or services, which are the places for generating sales, along with creators.

Distribution development design opening plan strategy planning VMD support promotion development website development e-commerce construction CI planning signature planning
Communication Strategy

We share information with media or end-users to effectively have them become aware of the brand in conformity with the concept. We support communication strategy not in an unilateral way but in an interactive way, transmitting the information with style, together with designers.

Communication strategy review Web site design communication Tool design Promotion strategy building
Commercial Community

We produce various commercial communities surrounding people from a holistic viewpoint, having a story with consistent concept, from MD planning to necessary detailed elements.

Facility environment design tenant leasing visual design MD planning
Global Business

We research and analyze overseas markets and business feasibility there, as well as build business brands in Japan relating to overseas brands, by leveraging our global networks.

Overseas market information gathering overseas brand sourcing overseas store opening support